Craigieburn Homestead Dry Stone Wall Management Plan

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Heritage Insight has extensive experience in the preparation of dry stone wall management plans for both local government and private clients.

In 2021 our historic heritage team was engaged by Yarra Valley Water to prepare a dry stone wall management plan for a number of walls within the proposed Whittlesea Community Farm. The assessed walls and associated historic Craigieburn Homestead are protected under the local planning scheme.

The desktop assessment component of the study included a review of current heritage listings and statutory protections applicable to the wall and detailed research into the occupation history of the land encompassing the wall. The field survey allowed the Heritage Insight team to assess the extent and preservation of the walls, and develop a statement of significance for these features. The resulting report included a series of recommendations and conditions designed to assist Yarra Valley Water with forward planning for the Whittlesea Community Farm project.

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