About us

Heritage Insight was established in 2000 by our founding director, David Rhodes, and has a team of highly skilled and motivated professionals who consistently achieve high standards in heritage management.

The Heritage Insight team are qualified and experienced archaeologists and heritage advisors, with considerable experience in the conduct of fieldwork and assessment for Aboriginal and historic heritage.  The Heritage Insight team are also able to bring inter-disciplinary expertise to their projects, in fields which include materials conservation, GIS, faunal analysis, archival photography and remote sensing.

Our approach to heritage management projects is team-based, with staff working together to produce constructive outcomes for heritage sites and places. All Heritage Insight projects comply with best practice in heritage management and are compliant with relevant legislation, and are based on a position of respect for the values of the Aboriginal and wider Australian communities and the practical needs of our clients.

We have a proven record in the delivery of innovative and cost-effective solutions for heritage projects that meet the highest expectations of our clients.  Our team is experienced in working with a wide range of stakeholders to achieve these, including state and local government, developers, architects, planners, conservators and other professionals involved with the management of heritage places and objects. We also have considerable experience in consultation and negotiation with Aboriginal communities and strive to achieve an equitable balance between matters of cultural concern to Aboriginal Traditional Owners and positive outcomes for both heritage and development.

We recognise that many different groups in the community may attach heritage significance to a place for many different reasons and we seek to incorporate these values into our work.

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