In memoriam

David Rhodes

1958 – 2020

David Rhodes, the founding director of Heritage Insight, passed away suddenly in December 2020.

The impact of David’s work in archaeology and heritage management has had an enormous effect on all of us here at Heritage Insight, and for many others within the wider industry. David was a mentor and a teacher. He was generous with his time and showed us all that there is always a way to work ethically and collaboratively.

In his work at Heritage Insight David was a champion for the Aboriginal communities with whom he worked, modelling for all of us a way of engaging with not only with the archaeology, but with the contemporary descendants of the people who made the artefacts we found, and to learn from them. David’s commitment to ethical conduct and to ensuring that Aboriginal voices were heard was the bedrock on which Heritage Insight was built, and it is testament to what David created and instilled in us all, that our whole team has picked up this mantle, and actively seeks to find ways to engage and do better work every day.

Thank you David.

Bianca Di Fazio

Director, Heritage Insight