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We offer a range of services including:
  • Cultural Heritage Management Plans (CHMP)
  • Due Diligence Heritage Assessments
  • Preliminary Aboriginal Heritage Test (PAHT)
  • Aboriginal Heritage Impact Permits (AHIP)
  • Historic Heritage Assessments
  • Field Surveys
  • Archaeological Excavation
  • Cataloguing of Cultural Material
  • Conservation Management Plans
  • Conservation of Archaeological Objects and Places
  • Production of Heritage Exhibitions
  • Interpretive Signage for Heritage Places
Aboriginal Cultural Heritage

Aboriginal Cultural Heritage

Heritage Insight can provide a wide range of services relating to Aboriginal heritage. These services include the preparation of Cultural Heritage Management Plans (CHMPs) in Victoria and both Due Diligence Assessments and Aboriginal Heritage Impact Assessment Permits (AHIPs) in NSW. All heritage assessments are undertaken in accordance with the relevant state heritage legislation.

GIS Services and Cultural Mapping

GIS Services and Cultural Mapping

Heritage Insight has developed systems for spatial data capture in desktop and field studies that have been applied to projects with diverse aims and outcomes. In projects for local and state government, site data captured electronically in the field has been compiled in MapInfo then used to produce maps of attributes showing the condition and threats to Aboriginal sites and places. In other projects spatial data has been used to compare the distribution of sites and attributes of sites against environmental variables to aid in producing a predictive model for archaeological sites. The spatial data from GIS mapping and analysis projects in Aboriginal and historic archaeology, can be provided to clients, community groups and Traditional Owners to guide the future protection and management of cultural heritage.

Historic Cultural Heritage

Historic Cultural Heritage

Heritage Insight can provide a wide range of services in the field of historic cultural heritage management. Our team has experience undertaking historic excavations and field surveys, assessment of historic built heritage, as well as the conservation of cultural material.

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