Sunbury Precinct Structure Plans 2014-2015

Heritage Insight is currently undertaking a large planning study at Sunbury, just north of Melbourne, for the Metropolitan Planning Authority. The project is for two large Precinct Structure Plans covering almost 3000 hectares on the northern and southern fringes of the existing Sunbury urban area. It is planned that these precincts will in future accommodate around 15,000 dwellings and will also include a major town centre, business, residential, and industrial areas.

Heritage Insight has completed sample surveys, in conjunction with representatives of the Wurundjeri Tribe Land and Compensation Cultural Heritage Council across the two precincts, including large areas alongside Jacksons and Emu Creeks, on Redstone Hill and the basalt plains around it.

Sunbury is widely recognised as a highly significant area for Aboriginal cultural heritage, and the surveys have added considerably to the knowledge of known archaeological sites in the region. Consultation with the Wurundjeri Council has also concentrated on the cultural values of these sites, and the future management of Aboriginal cultural heritage within the precincts.

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