Stamford Park Homestead

Stamford Park Homestead, built in 1882, is one of the last remaining substantial nineteenth-century houses in the region and is listed on both the Register of the National Estate and the Victorian Heritage Inventory. The homestead is owned and administered by Knox City Council. Heritage Insight is involved with ongoing archaeological excavations around Stamford Park where new community facilities are to be constructed and portions of the house are to be restored. Since 2010 excavations have uncovered a range of artefacts that are piecing together the everyday life of the homestead as far back as the original occupants, the Row Family, in the early 1850s.

In September 2012 Heritage Insight and Knox City Council held a two-day public archaeology weekend event. The event was publicised in local papers and we received a great response, with more than twenty volunteers signing up to participate. Four areas around the homestead were investigated by the teams over the course of the weekend. The teams would gather at lunch and the close of each day to discuss the finds and explore further ideas about Stamford, such as possible site formation processes, as well as archaeology in general.

As a result of the public archaeology weekend we were inundated with information from the local community about Stamford, including historic photographs and references, and these are being incorporated into the report that is in preparation. The success of the project and the great response we had from our volunteers has inspired us to look into a second Stamford public archaeology weekend in 2014.

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