Mid-Western Regional Council Aboriginal Sensitivity Mapping Study

In 2013 Heritage Insight carried out a GIS mapping project for the Mid-Western Regional Council (NSW). The project involved consultation with Mudgee Local Aboriginal Land Council (MLALC) and the Murong Gialinga Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Corporation (MGATSIC), as well as extensive analysis of all recorded sites within the Mid-Western Regional Council local government area, in order to develop and map a site prediction model for the region. This map, along with the accompanying technical report, was designed as a planning tool to inform Council about the likelihood of cultural material being located in areas proposed for development and to provide a concise set of procedures to follow for all categories of development undertaken in NSW. The map was also designed for use by MLALC and MGATSIC so that these organisations could have an overall view of all site locations and site types in the region, as well as ensure that these organisations have access to the same planning information and advice as Council for proposed development works.

Projects of this type add to the existing heritage knowledge base about an area and provide a framework for understanding why Aboriginal sites are found in particular locations. They also assist in predicting where unidentified sites may be found. The mapping tool is now proving to be a valuable resource to both Council and Aboriginal stakeholders for conservation and development planning.

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