Heritage Springs
Salvage Excavation

In 2011 Heritage Insight conducted a major excavation of an Aboriginal campsite on the Heritage Springs development in Pakenham. The excavation was funded by Parklea Development P/L. Representatives from the Bunurong Land Council Aboriginal Corporation, the Boon Wurrung Foundation and Wurundjeri Tribe Land Compensation and Cultural Heritage Council Inc took part in the excavation. The Aboriginal campsite was situated on a landform that had been identified as an elevated stream channel that was situated on an alluvial fan. The excavation identified two and possibly three distinct occupation layers. Radiometric dating of the main occupation layer has shown dates of between 5000 and 2000 years ago.

The excavation conducted by Heritage Insight Pty Ltd, funded by a private developer and conducted in association with contemporary Aboriginal Traditional Owners, provides one example of how archaeological assessments that have been funded by developers are contributing to a greater understanding of how humans have used the Australian landscape in the past. A large portion of the Heritage Springs site has also been retained in open space within the development. This has the dual function of supplying open space for the contemporary residential community, and retaining a place of cultural importance for present and future generations of Aboriginal Traditional Owners.

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