Former Darriman Naval Transmission Station Cultural Heritage Assessment

In 2014 Heritage Insight conducted a cultural heritage assessment of the former Darriman Naval Transmission Station for the Department of Defence.

The Darriman Naval Transmission Station (previously known as the Woodside Omega Transmitter or the Woodside VLF transmitter) was constructed in the 1970s. The site comprised a number of elements, with the primary one being the grounded lattice steel-guyed mast tower structure, which, until its demolition in 2015, was the tallest structure in the southern hemisphere at 432 metres and weighing 500 tons. As well as the tower itself the station contained two other functional areas, including the Helix Building.

The historic value of the Darriman Naval Transmission Station lies in its association with Australia’s military and political history. The structural remains provide information about the development and role of communications technology immediately prior to the widespread use of satellites, and represent a tangible link between Australia, the United States and other countries from the 1970s onwards. For these reasons the project involved the systematic recording of all structures and features associated with the Station to provide a written and visual record of the site prior to necessary disposal.

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