Our Approach

Respect for Australian Communities

Our approach to heritage management is based on a position of respect for the values of the Aboriginal and wider Australian communities and the practical needs of our clients.

Proven Record

Innovative and Cost-effective

We have a proven record in the delivery of innovative and cost-effective heritage solutions that meet the highest expectations of our clients.

Aboriginal Sensitivity Mapping Study

Mid-Western Regional Council Aboriginal Sensitivity Mapping Study

In 2013 Heritage Insight carried out a GIS mapping project for the Mid-Western Regional Council (NSW). The project involved consultation with Mudgee Local Aboriginal Land Council (MLALC) and the Murong Gialinga Aboriginal and ...

Sunbury Precinct Structure Plans

Sunbury Precinct Structure
Plans 2014-2015

Heritage Insight is currently undertaking a large planning study at Sunbury, just north of Melbourne, for the Metropolitan Planning Authority. The project is for two large Precinct Structure Plans covering almost 3000 hectares on the northern and southern fringes of the existing Sunbury urban area.

Harpley Residential Development

Harpley Residential Development, Wyndham Vale

Between 2012 and 2015 Heritage Insight conducted a Cultural Heritage Management Plan for a large-scale residential development in Wyndham Vale for Lend Lease.

Darriman Naval Transmission Station

Former Darriman Naval Transmission Station Cultural Heritage Assessment

In 2014 Heritage Insight conducted a cultural heritage assessment of the former Darriman Naval Transmission Station for the Department of Defence.

Lake Boga Waterfront Development

Lake Boga Waterfront Development Cultural Heritage Management Plan

The Lake Boga Waterfront Development is a residential development on an area of the Lake Boga foreshore which contains sensitive Aboriginal places. In 2014 Heritage Insight prepared a Cultural Heritage Management Plan...

Bunjil’s Shelter Project

Bunjil’s Shelter Project

In 2013 Heritage Insight commenced work on the Bunjil’s Shelter Project for Parks Victoria. Bunjil’s Shelter is one of the most significant cultural sites in south eastern Australia and contains...

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